11 January 2013


Accusing the gun industry and gun owners at large of fomenting fear and paranoia is pretty rich coming from a group of people who want the general public to be terrified of guns that look a certain way, that gun owners are just a few millibars of blood pressure away from a homicidal rampage, and that the desire to own an AR-15 should be considered a mental disorder.

These are the same folks who
warned us all about the shootouts and the massacres that would occur in states that established themselves as right-to-carry states, and when the '94 Assault Weapons Ban expired in '04. Just like how all those Patriotic 'Murricans warned us about how the mosque close to Ground Zero was going to mean that the Caliphate would be taking over soon - everything turned out to be nothing but sound and fury.

Hey, remember that one time, after a big national tragedy, we passed a bunch of short-sighted and ill-conceived laws without considering the unintended & long-term consequences, we stereotyped and became immediately suspicious of millions of law-abiding people based on the actions of a few dozen others, and voluntarily handed more power to the central government & law enforcement just so that we could "feel safe"? Yeah, me neither.

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