27 March 2013

Republicans Are Weak Faggots

Fat, doughy Republican asshole says that the reason people who are legally able to carry a handgun almost anywhere shouldn't be able to carry on college campuses is because people have a right to not feel uncomfortable. FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.

Parallel to the "Slut Walk" phenomenon, this is yet another case of "fuck your rights, my feelings are at stake!"

You know what else probably makes Ted "Pasty Faggot Fuck" Harvey feel uncomfortable? Black people. Something tells me, though, that he's not gonna go on CSPAN-2 and say "Pampered white people like myself have a right to not ever feel uncomfortable, which is why I'm supporting this bill to keep blacks out of my city." Yet, here he is, spreading his flabby, pockmarked asscheeks and pinching off a loaf all over someone who reminds him that violence is a real thing that happens to people outside the bubble of workin' for the government.

If there's one thing anyone even casually studying politics can learn, it's that positions of bureaucratic power attract people who seek their own gain while lording their privilege over others. Feeling good about oneself is the highest goal of modern society, and being in a position of power in today's institutions merely amplifies the sanctimony of that pursuit.

Republicans are weak faggots who will sell you & yours up the river if it means they can feel safe. That's what the entire gun control debate comes down to - ugly, weak assholes who sucked several cubic yards worth of cock to get a "Sen." or "Rep." in front of their name want to feel safe from people they might piss off when the economically & politically illiterate electorate bring their horrid legislation to life.

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