11 January 2015

Hashtag Fight!

In the wake of the attack by Muslims on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the subsequent hostage situation, the Western world has responded to these barbaric acts with their usual M.O., meaning the creation of Twitter hashtags, candle-light vigils, and demonstrations. Yes, there has been some reactionary violence, but nothing organized, at least not close to the degree of the shooting on January 7th.

Now, there appears to be a new front in the hashtag war. First, it was #JeSuisCharlie, with soft, mostly white Westerners taking to the Internet to proclaim their solidarity with an organization that promotes open borders, immigration without assimilation, and pathological equalism. Next came #JeSuisCharlesMartel, a pro-French, traditionalist push-back intended to lampoon the effeminate, secular Western response, but calling for little more than a dialog about non-European immigration to European lands. Now, there is #JeSuisAhmed, which apparently refers to this poor bastard:

The creators and users of this hashtag dishonor Mr. Merabet's dying actions, which were to raise his hands in submission to his co-religionists, and presumably to plead for mercy. We'll never know what he uttered, as both Mr. Merabet and his murderer were both dead within 48 hours of one another.

The hashtaggers dishonor him because Ahmed sacrificed his life for some fucking Communist shitlib cartoonists, who weren't prepared to defend their opinions or actions with force. He had to die on his back, hands in the air, so that anti-racist Communists could publish their lowbrow satire intended to entertain secular progressives and their anti-civilizationist, equalist dogma, and spit in Christendom's face. How ironic it is that the cartoonists were, quite literally, killed by equalism and multiculturalism. On top of that, more clearly than ever do we recognize the lie that borders are somehow magically able to change illiterate goat herders and tribal warriors into philosophers and good neighbors. The perpetrators were born in France, yet gladly traveled to Middle Eastern conflict zones to contact Islamist forces in those areas for training.

The men who carried out these attacks were prepared for lethal confrontation, both in terms of tactics and of mindset. The internet, with its sea of hashtags, presents a way for the captive populations in the West to feel like they are a part of something, but without risk or action. This is why Muslims are able to attack office buildings and citizens in broad daylight - they are all soft targets who don't or won't shoot back.

Expect more Europeans to die laying down, one hand in the air, the other clutching a smartphone, and begging for their lives (and what lives they are!) before they understand that they can choose either to drive out the invaders, or to commit themselves to being a short-lived minority.

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