20 July 2013

Like a Rolling Stone

I have to admit, it's quite entertaining watching & reading all the "outrage" over Rolling Stone's decision to feature Tamerlan Tsarnaev on the cover of their latest issue. It seems like one of those rare instances that unites  tempeh-munching progressive sodomites and Murrica-worshipping Bible Belt yahoos, much to my chagrin. Anything that unites garbage people is sure to be something I will oppose, simply out of principle, and partially reflex. Even frontment of washed-up nü-metal bands are voicing their displeasure, and in all caps. This is serious stuff, apparently.

Let's get this straight: all y'all are wailing and gnashing your teeth over a magazine's decision to put a boy who killed 3 people with homemade explosives on the cover, but are not spending ANY energy pointing out that the response to the actions of this boy (devoid of any facial hair, and possessing a weak chin, no less) was to effectively declare martial law in an entire city, and bring in hundreds of black-clad police officers with body armor, select-fire rifles, and APCs to search for a frightened 19-year old? Am I understanding correctly? You're getting bent out of shape about a magazine cover while your own government - to which you've graciously ceded so much liberty in order to pertect us from the terr'ists - is very likely examining ways it can spy on you, detain you without warrant or cause, threaten you with guns, herd you into various facilities, and ultimately kill you without media elites (without whom 90% of Americans would have no opinion about anything whatsoever) declaring that the Constitution is actually being subverted (for real this time, folks, we mean it!). Not even restricting the franchise to property-holding white men can fix how severely wrecked the electorate is. Like the universal rule of programming holds, garbage in = garbage out.

The same people who worried that George Bush would implement martial law shortly before his time in the Presidency would have ended are batting nary an eye at the actual jack-booted thugs they feared would come to drag off their Iraq War protest groups to Gitmo, back in 2004.

Then again, I have a feeling the coming kinder, gentler, gender-neutral police state that seeks to forcibly eliminate all microaggressions and other forms of white, cisgendered privilege will be so hilariously inept that it will all just crumble under its own weight (because they will all be so fat, ha ha, get it?) and the US will merely Balkanize.

Чёрт его знает...

But seriously, a magazine cover? We are utterly and completely BONED.