10 July 2016

You're just controlled opposition, and you're not even aware of it.

If you want more evidence that the left controls academic narrative, look to any "College Republican" clubs on college campuses. Like the modern GOP, they exist in a world governed by progressive, post-Enlightenment principles. The college administration keeps them on a shoestring budget as a token minority, in order to throw a bone to any students who haven't completely bought into 3rd-wave feminism, Black liberation, and rigorous speech codes.

In their gatherings, you will find a preponderance of White male students, with perhaps the occasional Asian, Indian, or criollo Hispanic present. Physiques will be mostly "skinnyfat" or pudgy, and meeting attire will inevitably consist of ill-fitting dress shirts and khaki chinos. Of course, any females in the room will be fawned over, the white knight thirst taking hold of the nerdlings. (NB: any in-shape man with a modicum of confidence can dominate the room, provided he isn't utterly disgusted with the spectacle he beholds)

As if the group's appearance weren't pathetic enough, their culture is one of publishing articles, trying to avoid getting shut down by hostile administrators, and inviting the occasional respectable-right speaker to be heckled by leftist agitators. In other words, all College Republican groups are about treading water against the leftist riptide, and looking as inoffensive about it as possible. They can claim no great victories, no offensives taken, no spoils of war. The culture war, on campuses and on the streets alike, requires warrior-poets, philosopher-tradesmen, and other men of action. As reinforcements, the College Republicans can only offer tepid accountant-types, who of course will beg and plead said hostile administration to begrudgingly allow them to use a classroom or lecture hall once a month, even as organizations to advance Jewish or Black or Hispanic interests get much larger budgets, and perks from sympathetic staff members. If they were concerned with victory, they would be creating their own political spaces on campus or off, without any blessing from enemy forces. Because they are concerned with being liked by aggressive leftist bullies, they will continue to be weak, and they will continue to lose. They are dishonorable, and cannot be relied upon to fight the left.

College Republicans are controlled opposition, playing power bottoms for the academic left. They are barely allowed anything on campus, and when they are, it is with severe restrictions compared to groups that cater to the feelings of fashionable ethnicities and made-up gender identities. They believe they are in control, but in reality are simply treading water. Even using the term "Pyrrhic victory" would be too generous, as College Republican groups, at best, fight to a stalemate, or retake symbolic status that was easily taken from them originally.

It is their need to be accepted by the enemy, it is their constant bleating about "fairness", it is their pathetic, mewling weakness that makes them resent strong, masculine men and organizations. They are more dangerous to us than the left, because any one of us who is more impressionable will take pity on their cries, and allow their weakness to influence what should be an impenetrable fortress.

My suggestion to any current College Republicans who are reading this: find the strongest, healthiest, most fashy White guys on campus that you can, and form your own club. It doesn't need to be on campus, but it does need to be productive and exclusive. Distance yourself from clowns who still hold tight to the sham of post-Enlightenment values, which the left will only use to destroy you. Most of all, don't be afraid.

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