22 February 2014

Whitey is a Bitch

If there is one word to describe the modern white person, it is "coward". Those who call for higher tax rates and more funding for the poor won't dare rob others at gunpoint and take their money, but they will happily march to the poll to vote for officials who will essentially do that for them. Whites are the only race on the planet that pathologically embraces weaksauce universalist dogma, and to top it all off, are the most guilty when it comes to selling out their own tribes, preferring instead to uphold nebulous concepts like "law and order" or "fairness" at the expense of other whites.

On a related note, I was listening to Ice-T's "Bitches 2" [watch on YouTube] and came across the following lyrics:

I knew this brother named Mitch, stone player
He meet a girl, in five minutes, he'd lay her
Trucked crazy jewels, hands smothered in ice
Been to prison not once, but twice

Kept a stupid thick posse made of thugs and crooks and hoods,
and vet hustlers who were up to no good
But they all stood behind him and watched his back
That's the only way to roll on the track
But yo, Mitch got rushed by feds last week
They snatchbared the trunk of his white Corniche
Took a look inside and what did they see?
Two keys, and a gallon of PCP!
Oh shit! The thought crashed Mitch's subliminal
Three strikes, that's called habitual criminal,
So instead of goin' under, he snitched on his whole posse
Maxed at the crib and sipped Martini and Rossi
Sold out his whole crew, that rat named Mitch

Yo, how did he go out?
[He went out like a bitch!]
So ladies, we ain't just talkin' bout you,
'Cause some of you niggas is bitches too!

In this track, Ice-T relates to the audience a story of a man who demonstrates mastery and strength through his acquisition of women and material goods, and is assumed to be the head of a gang of rough, dangerous men who follow him. However, when he gets caught transporting a large quantity of hard drugs, he betrays the men who protected him in exchange for a light sentence (perhaps house arrest, as the penultimate line mentions drinking alcohol at his "crib", or house), while the men he betrays likely each did several years' worth of hard time for drug and firearm law violations. Mitch failed to demonstrate honor, and he also failed to demonstrate courage - retaining one's mastery and strength when faced with danger. Now, his infamy lives on not only on a rap album, but more importantly in the memories of the men who he betrayed.

Shortly after his underlings' sentences are finished, I don't think anyone would be surprised if Mitch's bullet-riddled corpse was found at the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw. It is an extreme example, but history is filled with instances when men in positions of power faced serious consequences for disregarding courage and honor under significant pressure.

Now, many white people have this nasty habit of doing similar things that Mitch did. They take the easy way out, with plea bargains, and snitching on their friends & relatives. For many of them, it is better to be "law-abiding" than it is to stand by your family, tribe, gang, or männerbund (whatever you want to call the in-group you are a part of). Remember this?

Look at Whitey, obediently lining up to register his assault weapons, the records for which will likely be used to organize door-to-door inspections or confiscations should The Cathedral get a wild hair up its ass. The men standing in line likely have mouths to feed, and truly supporting a family cannot be done from behind bars - if the state of Connecticut finds a resident in possession of an unregistered "assault weapon", they will be charged with a Class D felony, which will permanently bar them from legitimately owning any firearm in the future. These are the people who will sell out their tribe to avoid harm. Risk-averse people living among barbarians and petty despots do not fare well. The governor of CT knows that there are likely tens of thousands of people in his state who refused to register their "assault weapons", which makes the governor and his friends very uncomfortable.

What whites need to realize, that more and more people who once enjoyed a high status in the West are on the shit-list of the power brokers in this country, and cooperating with agents in the employ of those brokers is bad news these days. It doesn't matter if you weren't a clear-and-present, physical threat to anyone - remember that David Gregory didn't so much as get a talking-to by Washington, DC police, but Mark Witascheck gets arrested and has his house trashed by the DC police for possessing a single once-fired shotgun shell. Common people, especially blacks, caught with crack cocaine will find themselves in prison, yet if someone has enough connections with the right people the same charges will perhaps warrant a public apology (complete with the "I'm sorry" face) and house arrest for a few months.

Perhaps you could count your local Sheriff, his deputies, and possibly the local police officers among your extended tribe, as those tend to be more beholden to the communities they serve, and Sheriffs are elected rather than appointed like police chiefs are, but if you live in a bigger city - forget about it. The primary interest of the chief of police in any major city is his title, and his job, which primarily consists of keeping legislators and judges safe from the unkempt rabble. Even sheriffs are not immune - despite being elected, like any political office the outgoing sheriff can hand-pick his successor, with all the media support that endorsement entails.

Blacks have known for a long time that the news media and legal system is not on their side, even with the media's recent dog-and-pony show of covering up the heinous actions of feral blacks the world over. Now, as the worm turns, working-class and middle-class Whitey is starting to realize that the media and legal system is not on his side, either. The system is going out of its way to placate the homos, the feminists, the [chosen people], the blacks, the shrinking-violet soccer moms, and all other manner of Social Justice Warriors, at the expense of Whitey, yet he still clings dearly to his Constitution, his Declaration of Independence, and the false hope that the nation his ancestors sweated and bled to build and maintain is worth a damn anymore.

Western suburban & urban whites are dishonorable, as they are quick to turn against one another when the chips are down. They trot out the old excuse that America is a "nation of laws, not of men", hoping that by being "law-abiding" they are doing society a favor. Overall, non-whites understand honor better than whites do - allegiance to one's tribe comes first, and trusting impersonal institutions and shark-toothed bureaucrats in suits only means trouble for themselves and their people.

Gun owners who are involved in a defensive shooting of an intruder or a mugger are encouraged not to speak with police until they have a lawyer present. This is good advice particularly because gun laws and other laws that seek to punish victimless crimes are written to support the legal industry, the private prison industry, and the campaigns of urban politicians. They are not designed to prevent harm to others, but to punish and marginalize certain behaviors and lifestyles, and to acclimatize a population to further compliance with whatever absurd ordinances are sure to get passed in the future.

How do we destabilize a system that is actively becoming hostile to our interests? Historically speaking, there are two types of resistance - active, and passive. An example of active resistance would be the actions of the Forest Brothers partisan movement, which for many years proved to be a great thorn in the side of Soviet occupation forces in the Baltic nations. As for passive resistance, another word for that would be "non-compliance". Refusal to pay taxes, refusal to vote, selling produce out of one's home without asking for government permission, and a myriad of other activities have been utilized by individuals to undermine state authority for centuries. When the system under which you live no longer considers you to have any worth other than tax income and the votes you are allowed to cast ever few years, there's no reason for you to defend any part of that system - and that includes people who make up that system. After all, the War on Drugs is planned, overseen, and executed not by databases and office buildings, but by people. By cooperating with these people, you betray yourself and your tribe.

If a member of your tribe is doing something that Whitey wouldn't approve of, do the opposite of what the Dept. of Homeland Security asks of you - If You See Something, DON'T Say Something. Cover your tracks, and help your fellow tribesmen cover theirs. Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations. When the laws are written to pacify and control you and your tribe, stop obeying them, and help your tribe avoid the consequences of breaking those laws. Stop snitching.

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